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About Father's Day's, and Plantain's most colourful book so far!

Father’s day is with us, and it got us wondering about those anecdotes…

You know, the stories you forever identify with your parent. We’ve recorded so many family stories that it was close to impossible for us to select only one to share with you. But here's an anecdote that keeps coming up, and it is from the most colourful book we’ve crafted so far…

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Start interviewing your loved one with this one question

You often ask us what questions to ask your loved ones if you wanted to interview them yourself. Because our projects are so customised, the questions we ask invariably depend on the context, the person, their background, and a whole host of other factors.

But how about this for a start:

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How family history shapes our identity.

Today, our definition of “identity” derives itself mostly from Erik Erikson’s concept of an “identity crisis. He defined “identity crisis” as “the condition of being uncertain of one’s feelings about oneself, especially with regard to character, goals, and origins…”

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