What stories will you inherit?

Our Story

Our mission is to inspire everyone to want to tell their story.

Our Mission is to Inspire Everyone to Want to Tell Their Story.

By beautifully celebrating and sharing our stories, we increase our self awareness and learn how connected we all are, ultimately creating a more empathetic world.


After finishing her undergraduate studies, Felicia travelled widely working as a Health Researcher. During her interactions with communities as diverse as one can imagine, she observed that sharing life stories connected people in ways that no other device could -  "If we understood each other's experiences and appreciated the complexities of our heritage, then couldn't we all get along a little better?"

She began asking herself: 'What Stories Will I inherit?' and when she eventually came around to capturing her grandmother’s story, the short film called Popo’s Journey did well at film festivals, inspiring her to set up, along with her Co-Conspirator, Zaake, a company that families, individuals, communities, and other companies could reach out to whenever they felt ready to capture, share, and celebrate their stories in beautiful and unique ways.

As trained Researchers, they knew they needed to do it right. With each project, they promised themselves:

1. Dig deep – the finer the details, the deeper the emotions unearthed, the greater the riches.
2. Stories only ever come to life once placed within the wider context of the time.
3. Content has to be matched with an elegant and deserving design

Today, Plantain has celebrated stories from all around the world. The company comprises of researchers, writers, and designers that dedicate themselves to getting to the core of what your story means to you, and what it should mean to everyone else.



And just in case you were wondering, the company is named after a Madagascan folktale:

The story goes that long ago, humans needed to have some concept of death or the world would become overpopulated so we had to make a choice: 
To die like the moon which has no children, and is reborn each month alone… 
Or to die like the banana tree, which always creates little offspring but withers and dies after it fruits… 
In the end we chose to live like the banana tree, because what is life without being able to share it with family and friends? 

An d we chose the name Plantain, representing the distinct flavours that define the origins of our company’s founders.



Plantain is currently collaborating with My China Roots. You can read up on them on the BBC website.