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How we craft your Family History Books, Memoirs and Company Histories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Because all of our projects are custom made, we cannot give you an estimate without speaking with you first. The cost will depend on how many interviews you would like us to conduct with you, how much writing is involved, how much research you would like us to carry out, whether you would like a fully bespoke or semi-bespoke project, and how many prints you want.

Thus, just to give you an idea how wide-ranging our projects are, we have worked to create packages as small as USD 200 to as high as USD 10,000 and beyond. 

Ultimately, we believe everyone should celebrate their (hi)story beautifully. We tailor all of our packages to suit specific needs and circumstances - there’s something available to everyone - so please contact us for a very brief, free consultation.

What if I’ve already started my project?

We are frequently asked to assist at various stages of publication by some who have already started the process (editing, design, formatting, printing). If this is what you are interested in then contact us.

How long does a project take?

Previously, it has taken us a few weeks to several months to complete a project. The turnaround time will depend on the scale of your project, how busy we are, and certain specifications you may opt for (or out of).

I am ready, where do I start?

All you have to do is head over to our Contact page and request a callback. It is straightforward after that and we’ll walk you through the steps from there.

Where can you do a project? Where do you ship to?

We have created packages for clients that have come from all over. We also ship internationally. However, please note that books are heavy and customs and import taxes are billed to the receiver.

Why should I choose Plantain for my project?

We have celebrated histories through bespoke projects of unmatched quality. We strive to create timeless packages through craftsmanship and customer service, and you will be hard pressed to find a company that offers our excellence elsewhere. We care about what we make, and it all starts with extending this care to the families we work with. We focus on building long-term relationships and our service is 100% personalised. Take a look at our testimonials to read it from our clients’ perspective.

What are company history books?

Company history books are typically commissioned to celebrate a company anniversary. We have found that all companies have fascinating stories to tell, and that paying tribute to the founders or elders can be leveraged for two main purposes: 1) To capture a company’s identity, and consequently inform culture and corporate values (especially important for incoming employees and future generations), and 2) To help humanise the company and to create an authentic connection with the public. Of course, the way we do this is in an elegant way, and you can see an example of a previous project by visiting this link.

What if there is a problem with my order?

If there is a mistake we are responsible for, we will do everything we can to rectify the order.

Who can I speak to?

We recommend that you head over to the Contact page and request a callback.

Why do I need to get in contact?

Capturing and celebrating a life story is unique and we encourage each customer to speak with us first, so as to address any specific questions.

I am not sure... how do I know if I’m ready?

We get this a lot but none of our customers has ever regretted going down this path. We find that every person, family, and company has a story to tell - it is an investment for all generations, so don’t let your history go untold!

I already have some writing - can I include it in the project?


I don’t want a book right now, do you conduct historical/genealogical research only?

Yes! We have unearthed thousands of fascinating historical documents from archives all over the world. Our researchers are savvy, critical thinking, supportive and flexible. They’re also experts at conveying genealogical and historical material in a way that is fun and insightful.

Can I read the books you’ve created for other people?

The books we craft are private so we can only send you short samples. Please contact us at if you would like to take a more detailed read.

Do I have to pay in full upfront?

No. We usually take payment in 3 equal instalments. But paying the full cost upfront significantly speeds up your project.

What legal agreements are involved when commissioning your services?

We share our Terms & Conditions with you before you begin your project.

Can interviews be conducted remotely?

We have conducted interviews via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, and telephone, but nothing can be a substitute for in-person interviews.

Are you ready to record your story?

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