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Popo's Journey

Our very first project and the short film that birthed Plantain.

It is the story of Linda "Popo" Chang who, at 82, recounts her escape from a wartorn village in Guangdong, China to meet her future husband on a small faraway island called Trinidad.

The film was an Official Selection for the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival (Toronto, 2015) and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (Port of Spain, 2012).

REGIONS COVERED: China, Trinidad and Tobago

The short film that birthed Plantain: The incredible story that Linda Chang lived through, running away from a period of instability in China to a faraway island called Trinidad.
I thought my grand-daughter was crazy when she started this project, but now I’m so happy that my memories have been preserved for the future generations before they disappear. People cared so much about who I am when they saw the film, and that was so unexpected and special!
— Linda 'Popo' Chang

Zaake De Coninck