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Cargo Consolidators Ltd.

Capturing 40 years of a business through an intimate, yet corporate film.

In 1976, Ronald Patience started Cargo Consolidators as a one-man show in a small office that was described to us as a "cubby hole."

With his foresight and business acumen, Ronald grew his company into a globally respected player in the shipping industry, particularly in the oil and gas sector.

We were commissioned by his son and Managing Director, Sean Patience, to help capture 40 years of the business' values and legacy in a way that was intimate, and yet corporate. Take a look at the film honouring Cargo Consolidators' Anniversary.

Regions Covered: The U.S. and the Caribbean

The team at Plantain have the amazing ability to transform the ideas and thoughts in your head into visually appealing productions. They not only captured the storyline accurately, but also managed to effectively relate our story’s emotions to the audience. I definitely recommend working with them!
— Sean Patience - CEO, Cargo Consolidators Ltd.
Zaake De Coninck