What stories will you inherit?

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The Nurses

Personalised website for our youngest clients ever.

In December 2017, our youngest clients ever approached us for a project about their parents and the generations before them.

Our Team immediately set out to tailor an atypical package; a deviation from our beloved bespoke books and films… This package would be smaller and more flexible:

A Living Time Capsule,
1. To capture stories of earlier generations and to explore what makes the Nurses, "Nurses" 
2. To create a foundation that we hope will inspire exploration and spawn innovative projects. 

REGIONS COVERED: U.K., Trinidad and Tobago.

The Nurses.gif
This project is important to me because I know what it’s like to lose an important family member before you have a clear understanding of the story of their family line and the feeling that something has been cut off because of it. I want to have a record of the story of my father’s side of the family to have something tangible of them to share with my kids.
— Kathryn Nurse
Zaake De Coninck