What stories will you inherit?

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A short film gifted for Father’s Day recounting incredible family history.

Family histories are beautifully complex, connecting us to the rest of the world through people, places, and time. When Tao and Gaia sent us files with some insights into their family’s story, the challenge lay in identifying that one simple narrative thread. In the end, we created a short film narrating their incredible family history, going back to the days of Slavery and Emancipation in Jamaica, and of competitive Banana Boats connecting Jamaica and the United States.

Regions Covered: Jamaica, the U.S., the U.K.

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Plantain provides an invaluable service to piece together family narratives. My sister and I ordered a Plantain Clip, 5 minute video, for Father’s Day. They delivered a very professional mini documentary. Even though my sister and I both work in research-oriented careers, it helped to have a third party independently visualize our family history. The team at Plantain put a lot of time and care into getting the nuances of our family story correct regarding enslavement and manumission in Jamaica. We sent them a lot of photos and audio and Plantain was able to find the perfect narrative strand, bananas. For this reason I cannot recommend Plantain more highly, especially if you are looking for a unique present that can be cherished for years and generations to come.
— Tao Leigh Goffe
Zaake De Coninck