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Bespoke memoir commissioned for one individual.

Sandra Perkins approached us in 2013 to document her mother-in-law's story, a brave woman who came into her own when many countries were gaining their independence from the UK. 

This book takes us through the eyes of Edrisse Perkins, a young woman who decided, back in the 1950s, that she wanted to forge a career in the medical field. She travelled by ship to England and overcame personal and social obstacles that allowed her to achieve a level of success atypical of a woman at the time.

REGIONS COVERED: Antigua, Montserrat, UK, Trinidad and Tobago.

I engaged the folks at Plantain to document a family tree for my husband’s side of the family as a Christmas gift to my children. With their expert advice, guidance, research methods and attention to detail the simple concept of a family tree became a well illustrated and thoroughly researched book filled with interviews and photos of eras past.
— Sandra Perkins
Zaake De Coninck