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Do Right & Prosper: The Emile Elias Group of Companies.

Multidimensional business memoir celebrating a legacy.

Charlotte Elias entrusted us with helping her father, Emile Elias, honour the 50th anniversary of a group of companies that today includes the number one indigenous construction company in the Caribbean (NH).

This story starts with Emile's parents who, like many other migrants searching for some place better, left their home in Lebanon in the 1920s, with little more than their stuffed cardboard suitcases and a will to re-create their life an ocean away. 

This book captures the intertwined narrative of key players and the historical events that shaped Emile and, by extension, the company. It also looks to the future and sets out the unique culture and values that will help the company strategize for the next 5 decades. 

Our work inspired a corporate filmweb content, the corporate celebrations and speeches.

REGIONS COVERED: Lebanon, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Scotland, United Kingdom, the U.S.

Plantain’s passion fuels their ability to listen deeply to the many facets of a story, and their sheer determination and unwavering integrity bring these stories to life in a way that they can be accessed by all. This is done with immense humility and they use creative insight to make these unique interpretations in many mediums. It has been an honour to have known and collaborated with them over the last three years, and our family applauds their work.
— Charlotte Elias, Director, The Emile Elias Group of Companies
Zaake De Coninck