What stories will you inherit?
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Semi-Bespoke Books: A gift for future generations.

Semi-Bespoke Books: A gift for future generations.


What you (or your loved one) gets:

  1. Personalised Questions

    Our storytellers formulate personalised life story questions for you to answer via a secure online form.

  2. Photos

    You get to upload photographs and memorabilia to accompany your answers.

  3. That’s It!

    Our storytellers edit the answers into one coherent storyline and interweave your photoshopped memorabilia into a beautiful semi-bespoke design. You give us your feedback at this stage.

  4. Print

    Your book is printed on hardcover premium linen. The interior is Mohawk archival-quality fine paper with an eggshell-textured finish that feels great to the touch.

The result is a legacy to be passed on for generations, delivered right to your doorstep wherever you are in the world.

*Note that price is in USD

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My family and I had the pleasure of working with Plantain whilst preparing our family reunion. I must say I loved their excellent work and dedication to the project.
— Lisa Kinsale
“The book has been in constant circulation since its production and more copies have had to be ordered as it sparked interest beyond our expectations.”
— Sandra Perkins
It was a great experience and very appreciative of the work that Plantain has done for future generations!
— Alfredo Segovia Mancini
But the most valuable result of the service was the sense of togetherness it brought us while working on it that we hope to continue.
— Kathryn Nurse
Your future self, kids and grand-kids will thank you for reaching out to Plantain!
— Florian Titus Ardelean
Their unwavering integrity brings stories to life in a way that they can be accessed by all. Our family applauds their work.
— Charlotte Elias
The process has been so satisfying and collegial that I have and will continue to recommend Plantain to my friends and colleagues... You and the Plantain team are the best!
— Paula Madison Williams
The team has helped us not only to honour the past, but more importantly to spread the news to the next generation.
— Hazel Manning