Tell your life story in beautiful, unique family history books, memoirs, and digital heirlooms.
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Delightful keepsakes for your loved ones.

Delightful keepsakes for your loved ones.

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Invite others to contribute to your book too, if you want.


Share with us your photographs and your story.

We send you (or whoever you’ve invited to contribute) a link to our fully guided online system where you can:

  • Upload your photos and memorabilia.

  • Answer fun and personalised family or life (hi)story questions.


That’s it! We transform your content into one outstanding keepsake.

  • Our technicians optimise and retouch every single image and document you send us.

  • Our multicultural team of editors transform your answers into one coherent and engaging storyline.

  • We customise illustrations to further bring your story to life.

  • Our designer's eyes weave your content into a beautiful heirloom.

  • You approve your design and your book is sent to first-rate printers - your package is built to last generations.

  • Your personalised book is delivered directly to your doorstep.