What stories will you inherit?
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How it Works

Your Stories. Our Experts.

We create beautiful and personalised heirlooms every single time, with minimal effort on your end.

Your Stories.
Our Experts.

There’s a delicate balance of science and art to telling a life story. Our experts lead with empathy, thoughtfully crafting your story while obsessing over every little detail. We work hard so you can celebrate your life, elegantly.

I. Your Oral Historian

We sit with you and collect your oral history recollections (really, these are just lovely conversations). We are kind, curious and knowledgeable, and very respectful of your feelings and privacy, abiding by strict confidentiality policies. We are also proud of our methodology here at Plantain. After all, our directors initially led careers in Psychology, Anthropology, and Global Social Research.


II. Your Storyteller

We then bring your memories to life using your own words and tone, all the while placing your story within historical contexts. The aim here is to create an authentic narrative through which your personality shines through. You can also edit it, as and when you wish.


III. Your Researcher

One of the perks of working with Plantain is our Research expertise. That’s why we dedicate some of our time to uncovering genealogical or historical records that can add that special touch, and help build the framework of your personal story.


IV. Your Creative Designer

For your story to resonate with the wider community, it needs to be beautifully packaged. Top-class Creative Designers take over your project, artfully combining your narrative with memorabilia (restored photographs, documents, letters, etc.), and then pairing these with the fonts, colours, and illustrations that best speak to your character.


The result is a bespoke heirloom, as unique and as beautiful as your story, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Other Services:

We are often asked to help at various stages of the process (editing, design, formatting, printing). If this is what you are interested in then please do let us know.


The process has been so satisfying and collegial that I have and will continue to recommend Plantain to my friends and colleagues... You and the Plantain team are the best!


Don’t let your (hi)story go untold.


Find out how we can help.