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Plantain's Co Founders, Zaake and Felicia

Plantain's Co Founders, Zaake and Felicia

While working as a Researcher in North America, East Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, Felicia observed how stories connected people in ways that no other device could: If we understood each other's experiences and appreciated the complexities of our heritage, then couldn't we all get along a little better?

Indeed, when she eventually came around to capturing her own grandmother’s story, she saw how it brought the family closer together, and how everyone grew in confidence as they gained a deeper understanding of where they had come from and what made them who they are. Her family also began to wonder about other people's stories and their heritage...

The short film she created, Popo’s Journey, was a success, and inspired her to set up, along with her Co-Conspirator, Zaake, a company that families, individuals, communities, and companies could reach out to whenever they felt ready to capture and share their legacies in beautiful and unique ways. 


But, as trained Researchers, we knew we needed to do it right - fundamentals needed to guide the way we served each project:


1. Dig Deep - the finer the details, the deeper the emotions unearthed, the greater the riches. 

Our skilled interviewers conduct oral history interviews with the intent of getting to the core of what your story means to you, and how it connects you to others.  

2. Stories only ever come to life once placed within the wider context of the time. 

We have a dedicated team of trained historians, anthropologists and genealogists who can help you better understand your past, and what it means for your furture. 


3. Content has to be matched with an elegant and deserving design.

Our network of designers, illustrators and photographers interweave images with your story, to create an authentic visual representation of who you are.


This all started five years ago, and we have since had the pleasure of working with lovely stories from around the world. 

To date we have helped companies, families, individuals and communities:

  • Honour anniversaries and share their legacies
  • Devise strategies for the future by reflecting on their past
  • Create and manage archives for future use

WhY 'Plantain'?

Our name was inspired by a Madagascaran folktale, where, at the beginning of time, humans were asked whether they wanted to live like the moon and be reborn alone every month, or live and die, but leave behind offshoots like the banana tree. We chose the banana tree, as we thought, What would life be without family and friends? 'Plantain' is tribute to the Caribbean where our company started, and plantains having traveled through Asia, Africa, North and Latin America to the Caribbean are migrants. Just like us. 

Take a look at some of the life stories we have worked on, or contact us if you need help with your story!

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