Every company has a story. We help you leverage it.

Leaders with no patience for history are missing a vital truth: A sophisticated understanding of the past is one of the most powerful tools we have for shaping the future
— Harvard Business Review (2014)

We chronicle your company's accomplishments and challenges, interweave your story with wider contextual history, and detail your vision for the future. We transform your story into impactful books and films that engage clients and employees in a way no other product can. We have worked with some of the Caribbean’s most recognisable companies.

Businesses are families. Literally.

BMW, Wal-Mart, Chanel... “Did you know that family-owned or -controlled businesses account for an estimated 80% of companies worldwide?
— Harvard Business Review (2015)

We work well with family enterprises. We harness the legacy that your family has worked hard to cultivate for future generations of leaders.

Companies have worked with us to:

  • Honour an anniversary or long-serving company members.
  • Contribute to succession planning by identifying and/or highlighting persons that can fill key leadership positions.
  • Gain competitive advantage through differentiating themselves by sharing their unique story.
  • Create brand awareness by giving the company’s marketing team a long and continuous view of what the company stands for.
  • Motivate the team and inspire pride by imparting their history, values, challenges, accomplishments and goals.
  • Devise smart strategies for the future by gaining meaningful perspectives from reflecting on their journey.
  • Keep a record of the company’s history as evidence to protect against assaults on the company’s reputation by opportunistic individuals/companies.
  • Create and manage archives for the company’s future use. 

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